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  • Direct vs. Indirect Cooking Methods
Direct Cooking is the type of grilling that is used most often.
 It occurs when food is placed directly over the flame of the burner. 
For instance, when you put hamburgers or a steak on the grill, this is direct cooking.
  • Indirect Cooking
Indirect Cooking is when you put the food on one side of the cooking grid,
but you turn on the opposite burner. This allows the grill to generate heat
which then fills the entire area under the lid, but does not directly expose the food to a flame. 
This method cooks food in a way similar to your kitchen oven.
 It is ideal for foods that are more delicate and those
 that you do not want to expose to the possibility of flare-ups.
  • Trim Fat Off Of Steaks Before Grilling
Trim Fat Off Of Steaks Before Grilling Trim steaks so that only 1/4
inch of fat exists around the edges prior to cooking. 
This will help reduce flare-ups and maintain even cooking.
The 1/4 inch of fat that is left is sufficient to keep the natural juices in the steak. 
The fat can be completely trimmed off when dining, if desired.
  • Grill With The Lid closed
Grill With The Lid closed Outdoor grills are designed to operate with the lid closed.
This allows heat generated by the burner to circulate within the grill. 
Cooking with the lid open is like baking food in a stove with the door open. 
Leaving the lid open (Except when directed by recipes) adds cooking time, because the heat dissipates.
  • When To Use The Different Temperature Settings On Your Grill
When To Use The Different Temperature Settings On Your Grill HIGH
temperature setting should be used for preheating the grill, burning off
excess food residue from the cooking grid, and for short term searing of meats. 
For instance, when cooling a steak, use a high setting for a short period of time. 
High temperature settings are rarely recommended for long cooking time.
MEDIUM setting is the most common temperature required for grilling.
 Most grilling of meat and roasting of vegetables should be done over a medium temperature.
As well, any baking that is done on the grill usually requires a medium setting.
  • LOW
LOW temperatures are recommended for delicate foods (i.e. fish) and lean cuts of meat. 
Also, any rotisserie or smoker box use should be done over lower temperatures.
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