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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication   Laser cutting head


Starland Metals has been in the laser cutting business for a long time. We have gotten better at it with the addition of new technology.

We're confident that our technology and experience give our customers great value for their money.

So request a quote today and let us prove that we stand above the rest.

Laser Touch Screen

  • We can provide free drawings from a sketch you send us.
  • Customers can also provide drawings or DXF.
  • Quick same day quotes.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Fedex, Speedy and truck freight shipping.
  • Large touch screen operation.
  • Large sheet size up to 160" X 80"
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Mild Steel 1.500"
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Stainless Steel 1.0"
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Aluminum 0.750"
  • Position Accuracy* +/- 0.004
  • Repeatability* +/- 0.002
  • Maximum workpiece weight 2770 lbs.

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Bystronic 4400 watt 4020 Byspeed laser Bystronic 4400 watt 3015 Byspeed laser


Our Large format 10000 Watt CNC fiber laser cutter can take sheet sizes up to 160"x80"

Simultaneous positioning speeds of 6650 in./min while keeping a tight tolerance



Our 2nd state of the art 6000 Watt CNC fiber laser cutter. Fully automatic lights out operation
for premium efficiency giving our customers great value for their parts

* According to VDI/DGQ 3441 measuring length 39 in. The precision of the sheet metal part depends on the material in question and on its previous handling as well as on the table size and its warming

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